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What Are Silicones?

Silicones are a family of specialty, high-performance materials. The silicone family includes siloxanes and silanes, all of which are widely used in thousands of products and provide essential benefits to key segments of our economy, including: health care, aerospace, personal care, electronics, transportation and construction. » Learn More

Socio-Economic Evaluation of the Global Silicones Industry

As an innovative and R&D-intensive sector of the economy, the silicone industry enhances North America’s long-term economic prospects. Silicone producers employ thousands of workers in North America, and produce innovative and value-added products that contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to the US economy. Many sectors of the economy also rely on silicones, including: automotive and aerospace, construction, electronics, healthcare, industrial and personal and lifestyle goods. For more information, please contact Karluss Thomas at

Canada Environment Minister Declares D5 Safe for the Environment

SEHSC commends Canada’s Environmental Minister’s decision to implement the findings of an independent scientific panel that concluded that Siloxane D5 does not pose a danger to the environment now or in the future. » Learn More

Industry Commitment to Environmental Monitoring

The silicone industry is committed to the responsible use of silicones and international environmental stewardship. The industry continues to evaluate its materials through robust environmental monitoring programs. The industry works closely with regulatory agencies and expert scientific panels in North America, Europe, and Japan to share research data. » Learn More


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